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Musculoskeletal Care Telehealth Practice Collaborative

Quality & Practice

As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth has quickly become a more prominent aspect of clinical practice in physiatry. This has raised a multitude of questions and discussions about how to integrate telehealth effectively and efficiently into practice, not only in the short-term but also in the future. In addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth has also been identified as an area of need by members as well as in all practice areas of the PM&R BOLD vision. Because of this, the Academy is bringing together like-minded members to hear from those that have successfully implemented telehealth into their practice and those that have ran into barriers that are looking for guidance.

Starting with the Musculoskeletal Care Practice Area, the goal of this collaborative is to engage a group of member participants, who primarily focus within the MSK practice area, so they can learn together and share lessons learned related to integrating telehealth into their practice. Through this collaboration over a 6-month period, the following processes will take place:

  • Participants will complete a baseline survey regarding their telehealth practice in the prior three months to serve as a benchmark with specific, practice-related metrics. The survey will be tailored to the musculoskeletal care practice area and will ask specific questions regarding the total number of telehealth visits as well as specific services they are able to provide (or not provide) via telehealth. For participants not providing a service, additional questions will be included to identify barriers such as reimbursement, regulations, physical limitations, etc.
  • The data will be aggregated and shared with the participants so they can compare their personal data against the group. This will allow participants to identify gaps and disparities in their current practice.
  • A virtual workshop will be held in January for participants to discuss identified barriers and successful practices. This will be followed by engagement in a private community on PhyzForum and additional workshops that may address specific gaps.
  • Participants will then complete a survey outlining their goals and specific changes they plan to implement in their use of telehealth.
  • A follow-up survey will be sent three months after the initial virtual workshop to see where the participants are in completing their goals and the changes they planned to implement. Within this survey, participants will evaluate any changes made in their practice and any additional improvements they plan to pursue. Data will be aggregated and shared with the group, along with a comparison to the first survey. The program is planned to conclude by April 2021.

This practice collaborative has been designed to align with ABPMR MOC|4 requirements. Individuals who complete all aspects of this program will be eligible to earn MOC|4 credit. Following completion of the program, documentation of participation will automatically be submitted by the Academy to ABPMR for final approval on behalf of the participants. 

This practice collaborative is open and free to all Academy members and is a members-only benefit – but registration is required. Some participants may be early adopters – members who have had telehealth as part of their practice for years – while others are likely just beginning to think about how to evolve their practice by implementing telehealth. This practice collaborative is designed to prepare and motivate participants to pursue their next stage of change (contemplation, preparedness, or action), regardless of their starting point.

Registration closed on October 30, 2020.

If you have any questions, please contact