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PM&R is the official scientific journal of AAPM&R. The Academy launched this peer-reviewed journal in 2009 specifically for the physical medicine and rehabilitation physician. PM&R was selected for MEDLINE indexing later that year.

The goal of the publication is to advance education and impact the specialty through the timely delivery of clinically relevant and evidence-based research and review information. Topics include: acute and chronic musculoskeletal disorders and pain, neurologic conditions involving the central and peripheral nervous systems, rehabilitation of impairments associated with disabilities in adults and children, and neurophysiology and electrodiagnosis.

Academy members receive free access to all journal content both online and in print. In addition, journal CME activities are included; often with additional learning activities such as self-assessment examinations for practitioners (SAE-Ps).

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2022 Award-Winning Articles from PM&R

PM&R congratulates the recipients of the following three Best Paper Awards:

Foundation for FPM&R/PM&R Best Original Research Award

Kirschner JS, Cheng J, Hurwitz N, et al. Ultrasound-guided percutaneous needle tenotomy (PNT) alone versus PNT plus platelet-rich plasma injection for the treatment of chronic tendinosis: A randomized controlled trial

PM&R 2021; 13:1340– 1349.

PM&R Best Young Investigator Original Research Paper

Cheng AL, Brady BK, Bradley EC, et al. Opioid use and social disadvantage in patients with chronic musculoskeletal painPM&R 2022; 14: 309–319. 

PM&R Best Paper Original Research-International

Campbell TM, Ramsay T, Trudel G. Knee Flexion Contractures Are Associated with Worse Pain, Stiffness, and Function in Patients with Knee Osteoarthritis: Data from the Osteoarthritis Initiative. PM&R  2021; 13: 954-961.  

PM&R Honorable Mention Best Papers

Vadasz B, Kumbhare D, Parkinson W, et al. The Levels of Insulin-Like Growth Factor in Patients with Myofascial Pain Syndrome and in Healthy Controls PM&R  2021; 13:1101-1110

Karaborklu Argut S, Kilicoglu OI, Celik D. The Combination of Exercise and Manual Therapy Versus Exercise Alone in Total Knee Arthroplasty Rehabilitation: A Randomized Controlled Clinical Trial PM&R  2021; 13:1069-1078

Limakatso K, Parker R. Treatment Recommendations for Phantom Limb Pain in People with Amputations: An Expert Consensus Delphi Study PM&R  2021; 13:1216-1226

Chang P, Jay G, Kalpakjian C, et al. Patient and Provider-Reported Satisfaction of Cancer Rehabilitation Telemedicine Visits During the COVID-19 Pandemic PM&R  2021; 13:1362-1368

Hsieh S, Gilbert C, Donovan J, et al. Effect of an Interventional Educational Wheelchair Program on Medical Students' Understanding of Manual Wheelchair Use PM&R  2021; 13:1350-1356

Pugh Jr. M,  Arango Lasprilla JC, Olabarrieta-Landa  L, et al. Spontaneous Recovery of Executive Function, Attention, and Processing Speed in the First Year Post-Stroke: A Case Control, Longitudinal Study in Colombia PM&R  2021; 13:674-682

Tractenberg RE, Groah SL, Frost JK, et al. Effects of Intravesical Lactobacillus Rhamnosus GG on Urinary Symptom Burden in People with Neurogenic Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunction PM&R 2021; 13:695-706

Tucker J, Goetz LL, Duncan MB, et al. Randomized, Placebo-Controlled Analysis of the Knee Synovial Environment Following Platelet Rich Plasma Treatment for Knee Osteoarthritis PM&R 2021; 13:707-719

Balakhanlou E, Webster J. Borgia J, Resnik L. Frequency and Severity of Phantom Limb Pain in Veterans with Major Upper Limb Amputation: Results of a National Survey PM&R  2021; 13:827-835

Kruse RC, Kindle BJ, Wisniewski S, et al. Local Anesthesia Prior to Ultrasound Guided Hip Joint Injections: A Double-Blind Randomized Controlled Trial of Bacteriostatic Saline Versus Buffered Lidocaine PM&R  2021; 13:811-818

Chen Y, Fredericson M, Miller Olson EK, et al. Assessing Diagnostic and Severity Grading Accuracy of Ultrasound Measurements for Carpal Tunnel Syndrome Compared to Electrodiagnostics PM&R  2021; 13:852-861

Solinsky R, Mercier H, Picard G, Taylor JA. Cardiometabolic Effects of High-Intensity Hybrid Functional Electrical Stimulation Exercise after Spinal Cord Injury PM&R  2021; 13:937-944

Zhang Y, Silver JK, Tiwana S, et al. Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Faculty Diversity Trends by Sex, Race, and Ethnicity, 2007 to 2018 in the United States PM&R  2021; 13:994-1004

Bordner H, Brown-Taylor L, Glaws K, et al. Prevalence of Low Back Pain and Related Disability in Patients with Femoroacetabular Impingement Syndrome PM&R  2022; 14:8-18

Bowman A, Daunter AK, Danko J, et al. Functional Decline in Hospitalized Patients with COVID-19 in the Early Months of the Pandemic PM&R  2022; 14:198-201

Groah S, Pham C, Rounds AK, Semel JJ. Outcomes of Patients with COVID-19 after Inpatient Rehabilitation PM&R  2022; 14:202-209

Leochico CFDG, Rey-Matias BMV, Rey-Matias RR. Telerehabilitation Perceptions and Experiences of Physiatrists in a Lower-middle-income Country During the COVID-19 Pandemic PM&R  2022; 14:210-216

Lin JC, Mueller C, Campbell KA, et al. Investigating Whole-Brain Metabolite Abnormalities in the Chronic Stages of Moderate or Severe Traumatic Brain Injury PM&R  2022; 14:472-484

Young JL, Snodgrass SJ, Cleland JA, Rhon DI. The Relationship Between Knee Radiographs and the Timing of Physical Therapy in Individuals with Patellofemoral Pain PM&R  2022; 14:496-503

Soo Hoo J, Kim H, Fram J, et al. Shoulder Pain and Ultrasound Findings: A Comparison Study of Wheelchair Athletes, Nonathletic Wheelchair Users, and Nonwheelchair Users PM&R  2022; 14:551-560

Nusbickel AJ, Herman DC, Vasilopoulos T, et al. The Effect of Concussion on Subsequent Musculoskeletal Injury Risk in High School Athletes PM&R  2022; 14:597-603

Carlson JL, Fredericson M, Sainani K, et al. Lower Trabecular Bone Score and Spine Bone Mineral Density are Associated with Bone Stress Injuries and Triad Risk Factors in Collegiate Athletes PM&R  2022; 13:945-953

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All original research articles published (in print) in PM&R between July 2021 and June 2022 were eligible for this year's awards. Selection criteria included the following:

  • The importance of the contribution of the manuscript to the clinical or basic science related to physical medicine and rehabilitation.
  • Relevance to clinical practice.
  • The quality of the research methodology and interpretation of the findings.
  • Quality of the writing.