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PHiT SealAll AAPM&R resident and associate fellow members belong to the Physiatrist in Training Council (PHiT). The PHiT Council focuses on providing valuable feedback on behalf of resident and associate fellow members to assist the strategic coordinating committees to support their needs through every year of residency and fellowship.

The Council is governed by an elected board that meets regularly throughout the year. The PHiT board focuses on developing and sustaining a strong resident and associate fellow community that provides a valuable member experience for all PM&R residents and fellows-in-training.

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    • PHiT Ambassador Program
      • Another volunteer opportunity is through AAPM&R’s PHiT Ambassador program. The Physiatrist in Training Council Ambassador program consists of PGY2, PGY3 and PGY4 from some PM&R residencies. We hope to have a resident from each residency in the near future. Each ambassador serves as a liaison from their program to AAPM&R. Ambassadors are asked to communicate messages to their resident colleagues and often provide feedback to AAPM&R. Thank you to this year’s Resident Ambassadors.
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    Featured articles from 2022-2023 PHiT Council Members

    Featured articles from the 2021-2022 PHiT Council Board

    Featured articles from the 2020-2021 PHiT Council Board

    Stephanie DeLuca, MD, MS"AAPM&R provides medical students, residents, fellows and attendings with countless opportunities for career and personal development. The Academy truly has a purpose for all. I wanted the chance to give back to the Academy. The PHiT Board did just that for me. It is a privilege to serve on the PHiT Board, where I have the opportunity to collaborate with the Academy and members across the country, while striving to achieve a common goal of positively shaping the field of physiatry for all." - Stephanie E. DeLuca, MD, MS 2020-2021 PHiT Nominating Committee

    Michael Del Busto, Jr, MD


    "Being on the PHiT Board provided me the opportunity to share ideas, create goals and improve the field of physiatry with wonderful PM&R colleagues. It empowers residents to effect positive change for their future careers." - Michael J. Del Busto, Jr., MD, 2020-2021 PHiT Nominating Committee


    Scott Klass, MD, MS, ATC"Serving on the PHiT Council is the single highest yield leadership experience I have ever had. The opportunities for mentorship, networking, leadership, idea generation and learning the inner workings of our profession are second to none. At the end of the day, it is incredibly refreshing and rewarding to work with a group that ensures that you are spending your time working on high-value tasks by giving the resident and/or fellow perspective to push forward strategic initiatives to elevate our field nationally." - Scott E. Klass, MD, MS, ATC, PHiT Board Immediate Past President