Next Step Interventional Ultrasound Course: Hands-On PM&R Applications




March 10-11, 2023  

ASGE Institute for Training and Technology (IT&T)

3300 Woodcreek Drive
Downers Grove, IL 60515



Take your ultrasound experience to the next level with this cadaver-based course, intended for the intermediate physiatric ultrasonographer. This course will highlight joint injections, soft tissue injections, and identification of muscles commonly targeted in EMG or spasticity management. A combination of didactic lectures coupled with hands-on guided procedures using cadaveric specimens and dry lab stations will be used to advance your skill set. Expert faculty will guide small groups in performing the most common ultrasound guided procedures for a physiatrist.




  • Limited spots are available for physicians only wanting to attend this course as a one-off, stand alone course and not interested in participating in the complete STEP Ultrasound Certificate Program.
  • Registering for this course does not enroll you in the complete STEP Ultrasound Certificate Program, nor will you be able to enroll after attending the course. STEP Ultrasound is a structured program where all steps must be completed in order (Step 1 > Step 2 > Step 3) and the entry point must start with Step 1 - Fundamentals.
  • Click here if you are interested in participating in the complete STEP Ultrasound Certificate Program instead, starting with Step 1 - Fundamentals. 

Directors and Faculty


Zachary P. Bailowitz, MD, FAAPMR
Brittany J. Moore, MD, FAAPMR

2023 Faculty

Katharine E. Alter, MD, FAAPMR
John C. Cianca, MD, FAAPMR
Ryan T. Hubbard, MD, FAAPMR
Wade O. Johnson, DO, FAAPMR
Heakyung Kim, MD, FAAPMR
Erek W. Latzka, MD, FAAPMR
John M. Lesher, MD MPH, FAAPMR
Jared R. Levin, MD, FAAPMR
Allison N. Schroeder, MD, FAAPMR
Asad R. Siddiqi, DO, FAAPMR

(Subject to change)

Learning Objectives

At the completion of this course, participants will be able to:

  • Describe the value and limitations of ultrasound as a diagnostic and interventional tool.
  • Produce an optimal ultrasound image of specific structures in live patients and in a cadaver for preparation for an ultrasound guided injection by demonstrating a command of knowledge over transducer orientation and adjusting ultrasound picture for depth, focal zone, gain, time-gain compensation, frequency, and beam steering.
  • Accurately direct a needle towards targeted structures using MSK ultrasound.
  • Accurately palpate specified bony landmarks and soft tissue structures required for a comprehensive musculoskeletal physical exam using MSK ultrasound for feedback.
  • Accurately identify needle insertion points based on surface anatomy required for electrodiagnostic and spasticity management injections.

Who Should Attend

Physicians who care for patients with neurologic or musculoskeletal diseases and have an intermediate knowledge of ultrasound.

Prerequisite Note: It is strongly recommended that attendees already have fundamentals of ultrasound education from an AAPM&R Step One Ultrasound course.

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