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As a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth has quickly become a more prominent aspect of clinical practice in physiatry. This has raised a multitude of questions and discussions about how to integrate telehealth effectively and efficiently into practice, not only in the short-term but also in the future. In addition to the COVID-19 pandemic, telehealth has also been identified as an area of need by members as well as in all practice areas of the PM&R BOLD vision. Because of this, the Academy is bringing together like-minded members to hear from those that have successfully implemented telehealth into their practice and those that have ran into barriers that are looking for guidance.

Telehealth Innovation Workgroup

The Telehealth Innovation Workgroup was convened by AAPM&R leadership at the beginning of 2021 to conduct an analysis of innovative opportunities in telehealth for physiatry to include, but not limited to, virtual encounters, peripheral technologies, smart phone apps, artificial intelligence, and patient care algorithms. Click here to learn more about the Telehealth Innovation Workgroup.

Interviews and Podcasts 

Todd Rowland, MD, FAAPMR, Chair of AAPM&R’s Telehealth Innovation Workgroup, is leading a series of ongoing interviews regarding the growth of telemedicine in physiatry. The interviews are published as articles in The Physiatrist and available as podcasts on the Online Learning Portal. Stay up to date with the ongoing series: 

Telehealth Advancement at Baylor and What That Means for PM&R in the Future: An Interview with Dr. James McDeavitt

Physiatrists Lead Remote Patient Monitoring into The Future: An Interview with Dr. Stephen Lewis

Advancing Musculoskeletal Care with New Reimbursement Codes for Physiatrists – Remote Therapeutic Monitoring Technology: An Interview with Dr. Marc Gruner 

AMA Telehealth Immersion Program

AAPM&R is proud to support the American Medical Association (AMA) Telehealth Immersion Program. Through a series of curated webinars, interactive peer-to-peer learning sessions, virtual discussions, boot camps and resources on-demand, the program offers a comprehensive curriculum and enhanced experience navigating the world of telehealth alongside peers nationwide. Click here to learn more.

The AMA conducted a survey from November 1 - December 31, 2021, to assess the current landscape and use of telehealth among physicians and other healthcare professionals. The results aim to gather insights on the experiences of current and expected future use of telehealth to inform ongoing research and advocacy, resource development and continued support for physicians, practices, and health systems. The 2021 AMA Telehealth Use Survey report can be found here

In addition, the AMA had compiled a specialized report of PM&R specific findings from the Telehealth Use Survey that will help aid in the development of Academy-led telehealth resources and advocacy efforts. The PM&R specialized report can be found here

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