Roadmap to a Fellowship

Career Support

Disclaimer: The AAPM&R is not responsible for statements made by any contributor of this document. Statements or opinions expressed within this document reflect the views of the authors and not official policy of the AAPM&R. 

Physical medicine and rehabilitation (PM&R) is an exceptionally diverse field. The wide array of clinical practice settings can be overwhelming to residents as they investigate future career options. 

AAPM&R’s Physiatrist in Training (PHiT) Board created this document for residents wishing to pursue post- graduate fellowship training. We intend for this to serve as an introduction to many subspecialties available within PM&R. In addition, the Roadmap provides useful information on board certification with links to many other organizations and web pages. This guide has two sections: a timetable for consideration of postgraduate fellowship training and a description of PM&R subspecialty fellowship fields. 

This document is not an all-inclusive source of information on postgraduate fellowship opportunities; those who aspire to sub-specialized training are encouraged to discuss their interests further with faculty and colleagues. A list of subspecialty training programs seeking applicants is maintained at the AAPM&R website through its fellowship database.