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AAPM&R offers this area of the website to highlight member-created surveys and studies that you may share with the PM&R community. Do you have a survey or study that you need assistance answering from the community? Submit your surveys here and answer a brief questionnaire. 

Disclaimer: Please note that these surveys and research requests are submitted by AAPM&R members and are not formally endorsed by AAPM&R. AAPM&R encourages the research efforts of our members. AAPM&R reserves the right to deny requests where the purpose or content may not be considered in the best interests of AAPM&R or its members. This platform intended for member surveys by members only, not industry research. 

Participate in our Member Submitted Survey Requests:  

Satisfaction of Sports Medicine Fellowship Program Websites as Reported by Applicants

Since the COVID-19 pandemic, the application process for fellowship has shifted to almost entirely virtual. As such, applicants have to rely more heavily on information from fellowship websites. This survey is being conducted in order to determine the type of information on sports medicine fellowship websites that applicants value most. We invite all PM&R residents, current fellows and attendings to participate in this survey.

Survey of Academic Electromyographers on Teaching Preferences for the Diagnosis of Mild Distal Entrapment Neuropathies

We are conducting a survey on the teaching preferences regarding the diagnosis of mild distal entrapment neuropathies. We encourage electromygraphers or any practitioners who utilize NCS/EMG in the diagnosis of distal entrapment neuropathies to complete this survey.