Current Advocacy Priorities


Dedicated members, volunteers and Academy staff strive to advance the specialty and its important contributions to the health, function, and quality of life for patients around the country, before Congress and federal agencies, as well as other entities directly impacting the work of physiatrists and their patients.

Below, you will find our current advocacy priorities. These priorities adjust as the health care landscape continues to evolve and new challenges emerge. AAPM&R greatly relies on member input to drive its prioritization of efforts! Explore the links to see how your Academy is advocating in each area and why it matters.

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AAPM&R is Defending the Role of Physiatrists Against Encroachment from Non-PM&R Physicians and Non-Physicians

In partnership with the American Medical Association, AAPM&R released a new resource aimed at empowering patients to ask questions about the qualifications of the person who is providing their healthcare – the "Ask for a Physician" Patient Card. The card includes a QR code that will direct patients to a webpage, which provides a high-level overview of the difference in education and training of physicians and non-physicians. As PM&R physicians, you are encouraged to distribute the cards to your patients.