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Leadership Institute

Boldly Advancing Physiatric Leadership Skills

Based on member insights from the Visioning PM&R BOLD initiative as well as an extensive needs assessment incorporating feedback from the full membership, it became evident that our members want training and leadership skills to help them thrive in the new health care landscape. To help members advance their leadership skills and position themselves for success, the Academy has launched the AAPM&R Leadership Institute, which provides multiple pathways to develop physiatry-focused leadership skills for all experience levels. 


As the national medical specialty organization for PM&R physicians, AAPM&R is best positioned to supply members with physiatry-focused leadership education to elevate their practices and support physiatry’s value in medicine. The AAPM&R Leadership Institute prepares physiatrists to step into leadership roles and new opportunities by providing comprehensive PM&R-focused training that includes personal readiness, communication skills, business management/administration, and environment/politics. By participating in the Leadership Institute, physiatrists will be armed and ready to assume positions of influence in a variety of practice settings across all areas of medicine, to help advance the specialty.

Explore the two available pathways below to learn more and sign up to advance your leadership skills today! 


Online Modules


We've partnered with the American Association for Physician Leadership (AAPL) to provide digital leadership advancement through eight online modules, hand-selected with physiatrists' needs in mind. 

Future Leaders Program


The Future Leaders Program (formerly the Academy Leadership Program) is a two-year immersive program that trains emerging member leaders and helps prepare them to lead the Academy and the specialty. 



AAPM&R is thrilled to be training the future Innovators & Influencers™ of our specialty.