Principles of Inclusion and Engagement

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Valuing Diverse Group Composition 

  • Recognizing that a diverse group that is more representative of our overall member composition can result in enhanced group outcomes.
  • Volunteers can be selected as a member of a particular community to enhance diversity of thought and experiences, but they should not view their role as a member for that community. Instead, they represent the entirety of PM&R.

Mutual Respect

  • Demonstrating respect for differing opinions and viewpoints.
  • Cultivating a receptive space for differing opinions and viewpoints.

Talent and Skill-Based Selection for Leadership Opportunities

  • Ensuring that broad criteria of diversity of experience, talent and knowledge are incorporated.
  • Removing barriers to involvement to further support an equitable environment to assure that all future leaders have the opportunity to contribute where needed.

Comprehensive Collaboration

  • Building community between various member constituents is essential as a physiatric member association.
  • Bringing different perspectives together will enhance innovative thinking and achievement.

William Jones“As our Academy develops and progresses, we have an increasing number of members with varied and diverse backgrounds and interests. These members often wish to contribute to the Academy and participate in the Academy's numerous opportunities for professional growth. It’s important to recognize that with the growing diversity of our membership comes the opportunity for expansion and innovation for the Academy.

The purpose and importance of the Principles of Inclusion and Engagement is to ensure that all members from varying backgrounds and walks of life have the chance to share their gifts, insights and talents with others for the betterment of our Academy and medicine as a whole.”
William M. Jones, MD, FAAPMR, AAPM&R Inclusion and Engagement Committee Member