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PHiT Board Nomination Process

AAPM&R is committed to advancing diversity, equity, and inclusion within our volunteer leadership.

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How does the PHiT Board nomination and appointment process work?

  1. Interested AAPM&R Resident and Fellow in Training Members must complete the online nomination submission form, submitting their officer/liaison preferences as well as a personal statement and curriculum vitae.  Please be very thoughtful about your personal statement and check your grammar and spelling carefully.  Your personal statement serves as your singular application for both PHiT Board officer positions and committee/liaison appointments. If you are selected for the President, Vice-President or Secretary slate, your personal statement will then be seen (as your platform) by all AAPM&R Resident and Fellow in Training Members during the election process.

  2. The PHiT Nominating Committee will then review officer candidates for the Executive Committee positions (President, Vice-President, and Secretary) and select up to three (3) candidates for each position to be placed on the ballot slate*.

  3. AAPM&R resident and fellow in training members will then receive an email link to vote for one (1) candidate for each officer position of President, Vice-President, and Secretary.

  4. Upon election, the new PHiT Board President-Elect, along with the sitting PHiT Board President, reviews the candidates for committee/liaison appointments and together selects a slate to present to the PHiT Nominating Committee for preliminary approval*.

  5. Upon approval by the PHiT Nominating Committee, the full slate of officers will then be presented to the AAPM&R Board of Governors for final approval.

   6.  Notification to all candidates regarding their application will be sent the week of September 14.

*If you would like to be considered for a committee/liaison appointment should you not be elected as an officer, be sure to complete the nomination form below, as directed, for your particular position(s) of interest. For those nominating themselves as an officer, please complete your committee/liaison requests by August 2. 

Any interested AAPM&R resident and fellow in training members may apply for officer or board appointments, with the exception of the PHiT Board President. Current PHiT Board Members are eligible to run for PHiT Board President only. PHiT Board participation also requires that officers/liaisons are resident or fellow in training members of the Academy. A 1-year commitment is required for most positions.   

Please refer to the PHiT Charter in the resident section of the Academy website for any further details. Those applying for a position with the PHiT Board are highly encouraged (but not required) to attend the AAPM&R Annual AssemblyThe PHiT incoming and outgoing leadership will meet at the Annual Assembly to review current and future activities. We recommend that all incoming leadership try to attend this function. All funded PHiT Board members are required to attend the PHiT Winter Board Meeting (January/February) in Rosemont, Illinois at AAPM&R Headquarters.

To apply, click here.