PHiT Council Board Nomination Process

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Interested in learning more about the annual nomination and election process for AAPM&R's PHiT Council Board?



  • Must be a Resident or Fellow in-training Member of AAPM&R
  • 1-year commitment for in-person and virtual meetings is required
  • Those applying for PHiT Council Board President must have served on the Board in a prior year and still be in residency as of July 1, 2023

Please refer to the PHiT Charter for further details. Those applying for a position with the PHiT Board are highly encouraged to attend the AAPM&R Annual Assembly

Open Positions

Officer (Elected) Positions

The PHiT Council Board Nominating Committee reviews all applicants and determines the election slate before sending out ballots.

  • President
  • Vice President
  • Secretary

Appointed Positions
The PHiT Council Board President-Elect appoints these positions with the advice of the PHiT Board Nominating Committee creates the slate of appointed committee and liaison positions.

  • Nominating Committee (2) - PGY3 only
  • Membership Commitee
  • Medical Education Committee - Program Planning Committee
  • Medical Education Committee - Graduate Medical Education Committee
  • Specialty Brand Expansion Committee
  • Inclusion & Engagement Committee
  • Diversity & Inclusion Committee
  • Quality Practice Policy and Research Committee - Policy & Practice Focused
  • Quality Practice Policy and Research Committee - Research & Quality Focused
  • Residency Program Liaison

Nominations and officer elections are closed for the 2023 - 2024 PHiT Council Board.

PHiT Council Board Nomination Timeline


Launching May 31 and closing July 12, the call for PHiT Board Nominations is launched and announced to all eligible members in all Academy communication channels (i.e., website, Connection, The Physiatrist, social media) with links to the nomination forms and submission details, inviting eligible members to add their name to the growing list of excellent candidates for consideration

Required Documents
The PHiT Nominating Committee requires the following documents from candidates of interest:
• Brief personal statement in a Word Doc format
• CV in a PDF format



The Call for PHiT Board Nominations closes July 12.
The Nominating Committee convenes during this time to create the election slate for the officer positions.



Elections for elected positions open July 26 and end August 9.

*Please note that election ballots will be emailed to your primary email address on your AAPM&R account.



The PHiT Board President-Elect along with advice from the Nominating Committee creates the slate of appointed committee and liaison positions.



AAPM&R Board of Governor's approved the elected officers, along with the appointed committee and liaison positions. All nominees will receive a notification letter whether they have been appointed to a committee or liaison position.

*All applicants should plan on attending the 2023 Annual Assembly.


The 2023 - 2024 PHiT Board joins the 2022 - 2023 PHiT Board at the Annual Assembly in New Orleans to attend their first board meeting together and, if applicable, any on-site committee meetings.