Visioning PM&R BOLD

Visioning PM&R BOLD

The BOLD Vision for Physiatry Defined by YOU


Advancing PM&R BOLD

The BOLD Vision for Physiatry Defined by YOU!

Together, the specialty of PM&R boldly discussed its future. Together, we envisioned new practice models and areas of opportunity to expand the impact of our care. Now, it is time to advance; to transition from conversation to action and make the vision for physiatry a reality.

The Vision for Physiatry:



Physiatrists are the essential medical experts in value-based evaluation, diagnosis and management of neuromusculoskeletal and disabling conditions.

Physiatrists are indispensable leaders in directing rehabilitation and recovery, and in preventing injury and disease.

Physiatrists are vital in optimizing outcomes and function early and throughout the continuum of patient care.

Achieving the Vision

Aligned with the vision, AAPM&R is defining, defending and promoting the PM&R specialty in order to advance physiatry's impact throughout healthcare.

Learn more in our recent Annual Report.

Additionally, take a deep dive into how we are tackling PM&R awareness and value.

From the individual physiatrist in practice to the collaborative work of thousands of members within the Academy, action must occur at each level within our specialty for it to advance and for the vision to become a reality. The success of one depends on the success of the other. We must work together.

The vision offers exciting new opportunities for YOU in the future of health care. To help move it forward, AAPM&R has enlisted the assistance of member physiatrists to develop envisioned futures for practice areas addressing this key question:

How will practices look different in the future when aligned with this vision?

We have five practice areas, based on input gathered through the Visioning PM&R BOLD initiative: Cancer Rehabilitation MedicineMusculoskeletal Care, Pain Management and Spine Rehabilitation, Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine and Rehabilitation Care Continuum.

In the Future ... Physiatry is primary care’s frontline partner for all non-emergent Musculoskeletal (MSK) Care.

Read more about the envisioned future for physiatrists in Musculoskeletal Care:

In the Future ... The physiatrist is the recognized leader across the Rehabilitation Care Continuum with expertise in managing utilization of resources to achieve maximal patient outcome.

Read more about the envisioned future for physiatry in the Rehabilitation Care Continuum:

In the Future ... Physiatrists are an essential and integrated part of interdisciplinary cancer care teams, and highly valued by diverse stakeholder groups including patients, caregivers, oncology care teams, payers and leaders of health systems.

Read more about the envisioned future for physiatrists in Cancer Rehabilitation Medicine:

In the Future ... The pediatric physiatrist is recognized as the essential physician expert for children and youth with acquired and congenital disabilities with the main purpose to optimize function and life transitions across the care continuum and into the community.  

Read more about the envisioned future for physiatrists in Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine:

In the Future... Physiatrists are recognized as the preferred providers for pain management and spine rehabilitation care.

Read more about the envisioned future for physiatrists in Pain Management and Spine Rehabilitation:

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The vision for the specialty has set the course for us, and the practice areas are like the different events at a track and field competition. Members of Team Physiatry may all compete in different ways, but the performance of the individual impacts the overall standing of the team.

We really are in this together!

The Path to the Vision

With YOUR insights and those from thousands of physiatrists across the country, AAPM&R has worked to define a BOLD vision for PM&R.

The path to a vision started with the acquisition of qualitative and quantitative input from physiatrists with diverse clinical expertise and backgrounds. It is FROM the specialty and FOR the specialty, making it YOUR vision for the future of physiatry.



AAPM&R is Committed to Advancing Physiatry’s Vision

AAPM&R is adopting the specialty’s vision to be the Academy’s vision, so that we can support you and the path forward. Additionally, to support members in achieving this vision, your Academy has adopted a new mission statement for our organization:

AAPM&R leads the advancement of physiatry’s impact throughout healthcare.

Hear more from your Academy leaders:

To make the vision a reality, our entire specialty must be involved. Our new mission statement emphasizes the leadership role your Academy will play in supporting the specialty in this endeavor. Members can read more about the work the Academy is doing to address barriers to the vision here


What Does the Vision Mean for AAPM&R Members?

Your Academy will continue to bring physiatrists together for BOLD discussions about the future and will be developing MORE opportunities for involvement. 

Watch your member communications, including the weekly Connection e-newsletter and monthly The Physiatrist print newsletter for updates.

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