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2022 Annual Report

Since 1938, AAPM&R has been supporting physical medicine and rehabilitation physicians. While we reflect on our many notable achievements with pride, we look to the future with excitement. The world of PM&R has seen countless changes, challenges and advancements, but one thing has remained the same: our commitment to serve our member physicians. AAPM&R is leading the way in bringing the specialty together and advancing your vision and our future.

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Defining, Defending and Promoting

AAPM&R is leading the advancement of physiatry’s impact throughout healthcare as aligned with YOUR vision for the specialty. We are focused on BOLDLY advancing the future of PM&R by positioning the specialty, and individual PM&R physicians, to thrive in the evolving healthcare environment. With the help of our dedicated volunteers, we have been hard at work defining, defending and promoting the specialty through various initiatives.



Defining the Specialty

  1. Created the cancer rehabilitation medicine core services to promote the value of PM&R-led oncological rehabilitation.
  2. Developed and published the comprehensive Musculoskeletal Care and Cancer Rehabilitation Medicine Curricula to augment the role program/fellowship directors and faculty play in the training of physiatrists. In 2023, we will focus on developing a biologics curriculum.
  3. Provided data to demonstrate your value and improve patient care through the AAPM&R Registry, which is a single repository of data that will track “real-world” care nationally to define rehabilitation practice, move rehabilitation forward and improve patient outcomes. Our participation continues to grow with more institutions joining us!
  4. Developed a position statement and job description that outlines PM&R’s role and impact in skilled nursing facilities (SNFs).
  5. In 2022, our Evidence, Quality and Performance Committee and technical expert panel began development of a spasticity guidance statement to support PM&R’s value and expertise. In 2023, we will begin developing a new guidance statement on biologics/osteoarthritis of the knee.
  6. Published the PM&R BOLD rehabilitation care continuum paper in the PM&R Journal to explain how physiatrists are practicing in ways that are exciting and align with the evolving healthcare environment and how AAPM&R is supporting physiatrists.
    • Our paper on musculoskeletal care was published in 2021 and we will be releasing a paper on pain management and spine rehabilitation toward the end of 2023.
  7. Our Inclusion and Engagement Committee worked to create a strategic plan for 2023 that focuses on ensuring a welcoming, inclusive and engaging environment for all Academy members.
  8. Explored innovative ways of using telehealth to support our workforce.



Defending the Specialty

Leading PM&R Reimbursement Advocacy Efforts

  1. Urged Congress to mitigate the conversion factor payment cuts scheduled to take effect January 1, 2023. Comprehensive Medicare physician payment reform remains a key area of advocacy for AAPM&R in 2023.
  2. Published AAPM&R’s Principles for Alternative Payment Models, which will be used to help guide essential advocacy and knowledge building for members and as a tool when demonstrating how PM&R can successfully contribute to value-based care initiatives.

Alleviating Administrative Burden

  1. Advocated for the Improving Seniors’ Timely Access to Care Act (S. 3018/H.R. 3173), which would help protect patients from unnecessary delays in care by streamlining and standardizing prior authorization under the Medicare Advantage program, providing much-needed oversight and transparency of health insurance for America’s seniors.
    1. Joined the Regulatory Relief Coalition (RRC) in 2022 and made great strides in advancing this prior authorization legislation throughout the year. We will work with the RRC to reintroduce this legislation in 2023.
  2. Advocated for the Access to Inpatient Rehabilitation Therapy Act of 2022, which would restore physician judgment in inpatient rehabilitation facility care and preserve expanded access to skilled rehabilitation therapies for Medicare patients.
  3. We are currently participating in a tri-organizational workgroup to help identify and inform the development of interventions to reduce burnout and improve professional fulfillment among Academy members.

Fighting Scope of Practice Concerns

  1. Published a position statement opposing direct access to physical therapy. For patients to receive the most thorough and appropriately designed treatment plan, a physician’s diagnosis should be required before patients receive physical therapy.
  2. Worked on developing consensus standards for the qualifications of rehabilitation physicians and medical directors in IRFs.
  3. Released call to action campaigns for members to oppose state legislation seeking to inappropriately expand the scope of practice for nurse practitioners and physician assistants.



Promoting the Specialty

  1. Secured media coverage for our PM&R physician members to build awareness and demonstrate the value of PM&R physicians – the Academy and our members have been highlighted in 90+ major national and healthcare media outlets!
    • These news outlets include ABC News, WebMD, Politico, Axios, Consumer Reports, MedPage Today, Wall Street Journal, Medscape and much more.
  2. To help members explain their value, we are creating a grassroots communications toolkit (coming soon!) as well as providing media training opportunities to members on key messages they can deliver when speaking with health system CEOs and primary care physicians.
  3. Advanced Long COVID efforts including publishing six guidance statements (three in 2022), organizing our multidisciplinary PASC Collaborative, promoting a nationally-cited Long COVID Dashboard and leading several related legislative efforts.



Leading the Way at Our 2022 AA

The Annual Assembly is physiatry’s premier educational and networking event, where PM&R physicians come together to improve their clinical and practice skills, participate in hands-on training, present research and reconnect with colleagues old and new! After three years away, we met in-person in Baltimore for 4+ days of education, networking and fun. For those who couldn’t travel, we offered a virtual participation option and many of you joined online!

Together, you united with your PM&R community to connect, learn and grow. Your energy, spirit and collaboration were on full display as we advanced the specialty together throughout October.



Member Insights

Gender_2022 Annual Report
Our Inclusion and Engagement Committee is committed to understanding members better and fostering an inclusive environment. Below is a summary offering insights into AAPM&R membership data as of December 2022.

Find additional member insights here, including Primary Practice Setting and Race/Ethnicity.




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AAPM&R Members: Thank You!

The complexities of today's changing healthcare landscape require collaboration and dialogue. Thank you to all of our members for your support and ongoing engagement in the Academy to help advance the specialty.