Policy and Guidelines for Information Sharing at Ancillary Activities and Events

AAPM&R adheres to the ACCME Guidelines for Independence and Integrity for Academy-hosted CME activities. AAPM&R allows for ancillary activities and sponsorships and events in both in-person and virtual environments such as, but not limited to, sponsored sessions, exhibit booths/tables, product demonstrations, banner advertisements, and more. Sponsored ancillary activities and advertisements will be clearly identifiable. These events fall outside of the Academy CME activities.

If an attendee chooses to enter or participate in ancillary events or activities, the sponsor may require the attendee to provide their information by completing a form, scanning the attendee’s badge, etc. If an attendee allows for their information to be captured, such as for their badge to be scanned, it is deemed as implicit consent to provide their contact information to the exhibitor or supporter. This contact information will include information provided at registration, including email address.

In a virtual environment, entering a virtual space may automatically capture an attendee’s information. Entering a virtual ancillary space, such as, but not limited to, sponsored sessions, virtual exhibit booth/resource page, banner advertisements, etc., again acts as implicit consent for an attendee’s information to be captured and shared. Interacting in virtual spaces may require additional consent.

Attendees may choose not to attend sponsored ancillary events, thereby opting out of providing their information. In the event the ancillary activity, not held by AAPM&R, is for CME (such as a Satellite Symposia), the supporting organization and accreditor of the activity, not AAPM&R, is responsible for following the ACCME Guidelines for Independence and Integrity.

Last modified:May 26,2022