PM&R Alternative and Supplemental Position List

Career Support

Physiatrists who want to augment their current practice or continue to use their medical knowledge to work in a professional setting outside of patient care have a variety of options, including:
areas still connected to clinical medicine (e.g., telemedicine); some that are more removed from medicine (e.g., financial industry), as well as several hybrids (e.g., medico-legal, disability reviews, etc.).

The list below is a sampling of alternative career options that you may want to learn more about.


  • Computer Technology
    • Jobs at IT companies, Electronic Health Record (EHR) companies
  • Consultant
    • General health care business consulting for companies such as McKinsey, Deloitte, Boston Consulting Group, etc. and for insurance/managed care and pharmaceutical companies
  • Disability – reviews and determinations 
  • Expert Witness
  • Hospital/Health Care System Administrator
  • Informatics
  • Life Care Planner
  • Locum Tenums
  • Medical Communications (radio and TV reporting, Internet/YouTube)
  • Medical Director 
    • For insurance/managed care and pharmaceutical companies
  • Medical Exams
  • Medical Finance (health care venture capital, private equity, etc.)
  • Medical Writer
    • Newspaper
    • Magazines
    • Media (TV, movies, etc.)
  • Medico-Legal
  • Pharmaceutical
    • Expert for drug per condition
  • Physician Coaching as a Career
  • Physician Lead
    • Managing director, CMO, CMIO, CEO positions for health care venture capital firms, private equity firms, investment banking firms
  • Public Policy (state/fed positions, lobbying, NGOs)
  • Research (independent companies, CROs)
  • Search and Rescue
  • School of Medicine/Public Health Professor/Administrator/Dean
  • Speakers Bureau
  • Concierge Practice
  • Telemedicine
  • Utilization Review
  • Workman’s Compensation