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The United States health care system is in a state of disruption. The individual practitioner is feeling the compounding effects of change and the specialty of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation is at a crossroads. Exciting opportunities are available for PM&R to make a positive impact on health care and the patients we serve, and AAPM&R is taking action.

Explore the links below to learn how to get in on the action and see what steps your Academy is taking to advocate for the interests of physiatry.

  • COVID-19: AAPM&R Advocacy and Support for PM&R – Explore the ways AAPM&R is leading and collaborating with other medical societies to advocate for and support your needs during this pandemic and the Long COVID/PASC crisis.
  • Member Action Center – Use this grassroots lobbying tool to connect with members of Congress, legislative chambers, and congressional committees through letters and e-mails on important policies.
  • Collaborations – View the more than 25 coalitions on which your Academy actively participates and learn about the Academy-led Concussion Writing Panel.
  • Active Liaisons – Meet the Academy members represented PM&R on a national scale by sounding the physiatric voice on various topics.
  • State Advocacy – Explore current goals and efforts at the state level.
  • At the National Level – Explore testimony, comments, and other efforts on a nation-wide scale.
  • AAPM&R's Virtual Hill Day - View this year’s top priorities for our virtual DC fly-in on June 17.