January 2022

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Get to Know Your 2021-2022 PHiT Board

A new year means new beginnings. It’s the perfect time to get to know your 2021-2022 Physiatrist-in-Training (PHiT) Council Board! Read on to learn a fun fact about each of your new board members, their PM&R interest and their plan for the upcoming board year.


Heidi Chen, MDHeidi Chen, MD

PGY4, New York Presbyterian Hospital (Columbia and Cornell) PM&R Program

Fun Fact: I am an avid solo-traveler and love to meet new people while traveling.

PM&R Interest: Sports and Spine

Goal: To support PHiT Council members in their endeavors and identify ways In-Training members can contribute to the Academy to advance our specialty!


Nathan McKenty, MD, MPH

Nathan McKenty, MD, MPH
Vice President

PGY3, University of Miami/Jackson

Fun Fact: I was formerly a Marine Biologist before attending medical school.

PM&R Interest: Amputee Rehab; Prosthetics/Orthotics

Goal: To partner with our Ambassadors to bring the PHiT Council to new heights!


Kavita Nadendla, MD

Kavita Nadendla, MD

PGY4, Johns Hopkins University

Fun Fact: I grew up in Maryland but never liked 🦀

PM&R Interest: Pediatric Rehabilitation; Medical Education

Goal: To work with the Council and Academy members to provide engaging content for trainees



Scott Klass, MD, MS, ATCScott Klass, MD, MS, ATC
Immediate Past President

PGY5, Sports Medicine Fellow at New York-Presbyterian (Columbia and Cornell)
Fun Fact: I've made my own granola for years and aspire to have a craft granola side hustle.
PM&R Interest: Sports Medicine; Medical Education

Goal: To recruit a diverse and interesting group of applicants for the future of the PHiT Council.


Megan Kennelly, MD

Megan Kennelly, MD
Residency Program Liaison

PGY3, Carolinas Medical Center

Fun Fact: I lived in a haunted house during medical school. The building was a Victorian mansion built in 1850 that was a boarding school for girls before being converted into apartments. Unfortunately, I did not have any ghost sightings 👻.

PM&R Interest: Pediatric Rehabilitation; Inpatient Rehabilitation

Goal: To strengthen the existing communication between the Academy and residency programs so that residents can take advantage of all the resources available (ideally without adding more emails to our already full inboxes).

Emilie Pinto, DO

Emilie Pinto, DO
Nominating Committee

PGY3, Virginia Commonwealth University

Fun Fact: I have two dogs - a goldendoodle and a golden cavapoo.

PM&R Interest: Pain Medicine; Integrative Medicine

Goal: To help continue to recruit amazing leaders for the PHiT Council!




Robert Pagan-Rosado, MD

Robert Pagan-Rosado, MD
Nominating Committee

PGY3, Mayo Clinic College of Medicine and Science (Rochester)

Fun Fact: The first time I ever played baseball I was 5 years old. After hitting the ball, I ran to third base instead of first!

PM&R Interest: Pain Medicine and MSK Ultrasound

Goal: To select a diverse and talented leadership team whose vision is aligned with perpetuating growth, fellowship and support among the PM&R community.


Emily Kivlehan, MD

Emily Kivlehan, MD
Medical Education Committee (MEC)

PGY6, Spaulding Rehabilitation Hospital/Harvard Medical School 

Fun Fact: My one-year-old dog's favorite food is goat cheese!

PM&R Interest: Pediatric Rehabilitation; early detection and intervention of cerebral palsy; acquired brain injury; Inpatient Rehabilitation

Goal: To identify and fill educational resource gaps by advocating for trainees and their needs.


Alpha Anders, MD

Alpha Anders, MD
Medical Education Committee (MEC)

PGY2, Louisiana State University

Fun Fact: Before medical school, I spent 5 years in the classroom teaching middle and high school science. Now, I get to teach my patients every day in the clinic and at bedside.

PM&R Interest: Interventional Pain; Regenerative Medicine

Goal: To help increase physiatrist trainee utilization of AAPM&R medical education content.



Ky Viet Quach, DO

Ky Viet D. Quach, DO
American Medical Association (AMA) Delegate

PGY3, Sparrow Hospital (Michigan State University) PM&R Program

Fun Fact: I solo-backpacked Japan for three weeks after medical school. Can’t wait to go on the next adventure post-pandemic.

PM&R Interest: EMG, Interventional Pain, Performing Arts Medicine  

Goal: Represent our specialty well at the AMA and make sure our voices are heard. Collaborate with other members on resolutions of common interests.


Stacey Isidro, MD

Stacey Isidro, MD
Membership Committee

PGY2, Baylor College of Medicine

Fun Fact: I love salsa dancing!

PM&R Interest: Sports Medicine

Goal: To help advocate, add value and show you reasons to join and stay with the AAPM&R family.



Daniel Pierce, MD

Daniel Pierce, MD
Quality, Practice, Policy and Research (QPPR) Committee

PGY5, CRQS (Chief Resident in Quality and Patient Safety) Fellowship at University of Washington

Fun Fact: I love making and eating ice cream and want to start an ice cream store someday.

PM&R Interest: General Physiatry; Quality/Patient Safety; Policy

Goal: To engage AAPM&R physician trainees in key policy discussions within our field.


Maneesh Tiwari, MD

Maneesh Tiwari, MD
Quality, Practice, Policy and Research (QPPR) Committee 

PGY3, Ohio State University

Fun Fact: My high school is home to the 5th largest basketball fieldhouse in the nation and was fictionally represented in the movie Hoosiers.

PM&R Interest: Pain and Musculoskeletal Medicine; Advocacy and Policy

Goal: To learn more about the function of the Academy in advocating for physiatrists and to learn about the challenges facing rehabilitation physicians.


Roxana Garcia, MD, MPH

Roxana Garcia, MD, MPH
Diversity and Inclusion Committee

PGY2, Stanford University

Fun Fact: I collect national park passport stamps and am trying to visit all the national parks. 

PM&R Interest: Pain Medicine; chronic pain in medically underserved populations; Integrative medicine

Goal: To amplify the voices of physiatrists who are underrepresented in medicine to improve patient care and elevate our specialty.



Kayla Williams, MD

Kayla Williams, MD
Inclusion and Engagement Committee

PGY5, Pediatric Rehabilitation Medicine Fellow at UTSouthwestern

Fun Fact: I love all things food, especially cooking, and briefly had a pandemic meal prep side hustle.

PM&R Interest: Pediatric Rehabilitation

Goal: To help increase active engagement with AAPM&R among trainees and early career members.



Alexandra Fry, MDAlexandra Fry, MD
Specialty Brand Expansion Committee 

PGY2, Beaumont Health (Taylor)

Fun Fact: I love Latin dancing and was even on a touring salsa dance team right before medical school. 

PM&R Interest: Interventional Pain, Pelvic Rehab

Goal: To spread awareness of our field to other specialties, helping them see all that physiatry has to offer!