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Community Sessions

Annual Assembly

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REMINDER: Access to #AAPMR20 on-demand content expires January 31, 2021. Please plan accordingly. Thank you!

Attend sessions created by some of YOUR Member Communities. Explore education specific to your needs and network with your peers who share similar interests.

  • Cancer Rehabilitation Medicine
    • Calling All to Attend the Great Cancer Rehabilitation Debate! (Session 1)
    • Ekta Gupta, MD, FAAPMR and Samman Shahpar, MD, FAAPMR
  • Inpatient Rehabilitation
    • Should They Come, Should They Stay, or Should They Go
    • Lauren T. Shapiro, MD, MPH, FAAPMR and SuAnn Chen, MD, FAAPMR
  • Performing Arts Medicine
    • Lauren E. Elson, MD, FAAPMR
  • Neuromuscular Medicine and EDX
    • Where We Are and Where We Are Going?
    • Shawn P. Jorgensen, MD, FAAPMR and Sandra L. Hearn, MD, FAAPMR 
  • Central Nervous System
    • Rehabilitation Management and Technology Options for High Cervical SCI and Locked in Stroke
    • Richard L. Harvey, MD, FAAPMR
  • Geriatric Rehabilitation
    • Geriatrics: Nuts and Bolts of Healthy Aging, Polypharmacy and its Applications in PM&R
    • Kanakadurga R. Poduri, MD, FAAPMR
  • Physiatry in Skilled Nursing Facilities
    • What It Takes to Be Successful
    • Steve M. Gnatz, MD, MHA, FAAPMR
  • Alternative Pain Medicine
    • Transforming Alternative to Integrative Through Team-Based Chronic Pain Care
    • Danielle Zelnik, MD, FAAPMR
  • Women Physiatrists
    • Diamonds in the Making: Pressures, Challenges and Experiences Among Women Physiatrists
    • Mary E. Russell, DO, MS, FAAPMR and Monica Verduzco-Gutierrez, MD, FAAPMR
  • Adaptive Athletes and Sports/Intellectual Disabilities/Pediatric Sports Medicine
    • Adaptive and Inclusive Sports-Programs for Intellectual and Physical Disabilities Across the Lifespan
    • Melissa J. Tinney, MD, FAAPMR and Mary E. Dubon, MD, FAAPMR
  •  Cancer Rehabilitation Medicine
    • Calling All to Attend the Great Cancer Rehabilitation Debate! (Session 2)
    • Ekta Gupta, MD, FAAPMR and Samman Shahpar, MD, FAAPMR
  • Pediatric Rehabilitation
    • Session 1
    • Joline E. Brandenburg, MD, FAAPMR
  • Spine Medicine
    • Trigger Points for Spine Pain and Assessing the Literature for the Spine Physiatrist
    • Aaron J. Yang, MD, FAAPMR 
  • Overhead Athlete
    • Physical Examination of the Overhead Throwing Athlete: What You Need to Know to Become an Expert through Clinical and Physical Exam Pearls
    • Jason L. Zaremski, MD, FAAPMR
  • Sports Medicine
    • Can PMR Doctors be Head Team Physicians?
    • Mark I. Ellen, MD, FAAPMR
  • Amputee/Limb Loss Restoration Rehabilitation
    • Community Forum
    • Marlis Gonzalez-Fernandez, MD, PhD, FAAPMR
  • Exercise as Medicine
    • The Panacea of Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation
    • Jonathan H. Whiteson, MD, FAAPMR
  • African American Physiatrists
    • Building and Bonding within the African American Community
    • D'Wan J. Carpenter, MD, FAAPMR
  • Pediatric Rehabilitation
    • Session 2
    • Joline E. Brandenburg, MD, FAAPMR

Check out the full agenda for more details.

Diversity and Leadership Cross-Community Session

Multicultural Leadership within Physical Medicine and Rehabilitation Dissolving Barriers: Cultivation of Diversity from Both Sides of the Fence

Be sure to check out this special session lead by Lisa A. Merritt, MD, FAAPMR!

As AAPM&R leads the advancement of physiatry’s impact throughout health care, we will model inclusion and embrace diverse backgrounds and perspectives of those with whom we work and serve.

The Academy is especially committed to creating space for the difficult conversations, hearing the voices least heard, and promoting policy and initiatives that support diversity and inclusion.