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Call for Community Session Proposals



Deadline for Community Session Submissions: February 22, 2021

AAPM&R invites you to submit your proposals for our Community Sessions at the 2021 Annual Assembly November 11-14 in Nashville, TN and virtually. ALL community session submissions are due by February 22. Late submissions will not be accepted. 

What are Community Sessions?

The Annual Assembly will provide dedicated time, space, and audiovisual support for Member Communities to develop sessions for their own constituency, including whatever topics or networking they deem appropriate.  

How to submit?

All session submissions for the 2021 Annual Assembly Community Sessions will be submitted online via our submission site. There will be an opportunity to submit a research abstract, a clinical or practice symposium, or a community session. All sessions should only be submitted in one category.

Who should submit the Community Session Proposal?

Community Sessions can be submitted by any Member Community member. However, each community is only permitted one dedicated session. Therefore, Member Community Chairs should approve all submissions before submission.

What type of sessions will be presented?

Member Communities have the opportunity to create their sessions as they see best for their community. Community Sessions may have invited speakers, or include more informal formats such as small group discussions, or networking activities. A combination of formats may be used.

What is the submission process for community sessions?

All community session proposals need to be submitted with all other submissions by February 22. This is to allow the Program Planning Committee to evaluate the Assembly program as a whole, identify gaps or areas of overlap, and evaluate all faculty and honoraria requests. The Community Session submission process will ask for a description of your planned session including your objectives, format, and planned topics.

If you would like to request CME or outside speakers for your session, you will need to submit a list of all planned speakers and any requested honoraria for non-physiatrist faculty. This is not required if you do not want to have CME or outside speakers for your session.

Please note that the Program Planning Committee will not be “approving” Community Session content as the content and format of these sessions are up to the session leader. However, as this is a transition year, the Program Planning Committee may contact the community leader to discuss any areas of overlap with the program as a whole, or if submitted requests cannot be accommodated.

How long will the sessions be?

Due to the space needed for social distancing in-person, we will have limited time and space for live sessions on-site. We have limited the time for live sessions in an effort to accommodate as many communities as possible. We estimate that Community Sessions in-person will be limited to 90 minutes. However, we are still evaluating options for both our on-site space/schedule, and virtual options. Please submit your preferred session format and length (up to 3 hours), and we will work with you to meet your goals. 

Will CME be provided?

CME will be provided to those Community Sessions that have requested CME and follow the appropriate guidelines required by the Accreditation Council for Continuing Medical Education.

How are Community Sessions different from current community gatherings at Annual Assembly?

Communities are currently invited to reserve a room at the Annual Assembly for their group to gather.  These sessions are informal, do not include any CME or A/V support, and are not considered part of the educational program of the Annual Assembly. There is no marketing for these sessions beyond a listing in the app and the onsite program. Member Communities will still be able to request a room for these informal gatherings at the Annual Assembly.

Some communities develop more planned or detailed sessions that may highlight specific topics, speakers or discussions that are relevant for their community. These sessions will be provided with space and A/V support and may request CME. 

How is this different than submitting a regular educational session for a clinical or practice symposium?

Anyone is still welcome to submit an educational session for the general Annual Assembly program, which may be submitted on behalf of a community. These sessions are purely educational and will be reviewed along with all other session submissions as part of a competitive peer-review process. If selected, these sessions will be slotted in the main program and will run concurrently with other accepted clinical and practice symposia across all times and topics. Preference for clinical or practice symposia may be given to sessions that target a broader or cross-cutting Assembly audience.

Community Sessions will not compete with other clinical and practice symposia during the review process or in the programming. Community leaders can determine the format of their own session, which may include a combination of education, networking, discussion, etc. These submissions will be reviewed concurrently with the rest of the community session requests and the Annual Assembly program to determine if there is overlap, but not to approve the content. The goal will be to accommodate as many community sessions as possible within our space limitations. 

Can we bring in outside speakers for our Community Session? 

Those submitting a session for Community Session may identify any speakers they choose. They can be physiatrists, physicians (outside of physiatry), advanced practice providers, etc. Speaker requests must follow the established AAPM&R guidelines, including the honoraria policy. All honoraria requests for non-physiatrist speakers will be evaluated and approved at the same time to ensure that requests are within the Academy’s budget and policy.

Proposal Worksheet

To facilitate your submission, you can download the Community Session Builder Form to help you compose your answers for Community Session Submission questions. The worksheet is to provide submitter with a copy of the Annual Assembly Call for Community Session questions to assist you in preparing prior to entering your data online. All proposals must be submitted online. Hard copy/email proposals are not accepted.

Questions? Email or call (847) 737-6000.